the fully automatic non-contact temperature screeners.
  • Made for the moving world,
    Industry 4.0 ready
  • FlareX, the contemporary screening solution with intuitive UI and buit-in Cloud capabilites
  • Completely Capable,
    Surprisingly affordable
  • FlareA, the minimal screening device which gets the job done

Why FlareX?  

Proprietary AI Algorithm
Fully Automated
Accurate(±0.1 °C)
<2s Screening Time
A/V Feedback
Intuitive UI
Real time Dashboard
Reports & Insights
Industrial Grade
IP Rated
Made in India
One-Step Setup
Forehead Scanner
  • Inaccurate reading due to perspiration, makeup, hair, head coverings etc.,
  • Requires human interaction, increasing the risk of infection
FlareX Infrared Knuckle Temperature Scanner
  • Consistent accuracy, since fists are typically not compromised by external factors
  • Specifically designed to reduce risk of infection caused through manual intervention
Thermal Camera Based Scanner
  • Thermal Cameras while accurate are exponentially costly and may cause privacy concerns
  • Effective scanner not screener - segregation of the potential carriers at the same rate as identified by the camera requires huge manual force

In Every Sense

±0.1 °C Medical accuracy

Equipped with industry leading medical grade IR thermal sensors, designed and tested im Belgium

>2S Screening time

Powered by powerful 1Ghz Processor ensuring quick and seamless experience

Proprietary AI Algorithm

Modeled with thousands of data points, our algorithm accurately estimates the Mean Body Temperature(MBT)

40000 plus scans per day

With Industrial standard Circuitry, Ideally, our systems could handle 40000 individual scans per day

Factory Calibrated

No additional calibration required. All systems come factory calibrated to you.

Ergonomic Design

Our systems aid the user to rightly bring the fist within the optimal measuring distance of the sensor, without incurring contact.

Big Data,
Bigger Possibilites

Your data safe and secure, on the Cloud

Real-time Data Visualization

Cloud based dashboard with automatic push/pull feature

Comprehensive-Periodic Report Generation

Daily or periodic reports can be downloaded with data charts and parameters

OTA Update

Periodic updates on UI and optimised algorithm delivered through the internet

One-Step Setup

Unbox, Mount , Plug and Play

QR code based data log

Record the thermal data of individuals by simple QR code scans.

Fancy and Functional,
It's the Whole Package

Sleek and Compact Design

1 banana high - 120 x 150 x 80 (mm)
Wall Mountable - No tools required. Damage free hanging by strong velcro. Just strip and stick!

Industrial Grade - IP55**

Lined with rubber sheets and gaskets to ensure splash and dust resistance. Not advisable for outdoor usage.

AV Feedback and Alerts

Active Buzzer
Intuitive UI with 4” LCD Display

Neptune Blue

Flare Alpha

Smart things come in Small packages.

Minimal. Offline. Gets the job done.

Meet FlareA, your minimal temperature scanner.

±0.1 °C Medical accuracy <2s Screening time Proprietary AI Algorithm
Digital Display Ambient RGB LED Buzzer Feedback and Alert
40000 plus scans per day Factory Calibrated Ergonomic Design
Features FlareX Flare
Accurate(0.1± °C)
Factory Calibrated
Audio Feedback and Alerts
Intuitive UI with 4” LCD Display
Water Resistant
Offline Data Logging
Real Time Dashboard
Periodic Comprehensive Reports
Automatic OTA Updates
Inbuilt Internal Storage
Customisable I/O Ports** (Doors, Biometrics, Attendance Management etc.,)
Ambient LED - RGB
Color Variants

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The New FlareX Office Edition is built with I/Os and customisable ports to be integrated with EMLock Doors etc., Has inbuilt RFID scanner for personal identification, making it a complete logging system.

Tell us about you!


1What are FlareX and FlareA?

FlareX and FlareA are automated infrared thermal screeners, which estimate the body temperature from your fist. More than being just your security checkpoint, Flare series offers edge storage and cloud capabilities.

2 How do I believe you that the fist is much better than Forehead for estimating Mean Body Temperature(MBT)?

You don’t have to take our word for truth! All our citings are based on standard research conducted by various top univs.

  • Comparison with the forehead temperature scanner:

3Does FlareX and FlareA provide the same accuracy as a Forehead pyrometer?

Even Better! Accuracy depends on the sensors used and most Forehead temperature guns usually have accuracy around ±0.5 °C. Flare Series uses medical grade IR temperature sensors with ±0.1 °C accuracy. Also, with automated data logging there is no room for human error!

4Can I replace my Temperature Gun(Pyrometer) with a FlareX/A System?

Being an automated system with one step setup, Flare Series could replace the manual dependent temperature right off the shelf!

5How Reliable is FlareX?

  • Tested in house for endurance, Flare Series, laced with industry grade boards and auxiliary sensors could run 24/7.
  • P.S: It can also switch ON/OFF based on activity for minimal power consumption and longevity of the system

6Are Flare systems automatic?

Yes! Flare offers a hassle free scanning system with zero manual intervention . Install, Sit back and let it take care .

7What default cloud package comes with FlareX?

Three month free access to our dashboard features with storage history upto one month. Other associated features such Single page reports, EOD reports and automatic mailers can be customized upon request.

8Can it be customised to our needs?

Ofcourse! Large array of R&D services such as customisable ports, integration with attendance systems etc., could be tailored for your Flare Device. Sign in for early adopter flareX office edition link.

Have a special request/enquiry regarding customizing FlareX/A? Contact our Team for the scope of customization!

9What does the package include?

All standard Flare Systems include:

  1. Ground mark - to indicate where to stand while screening
  2. User manual
  3. Installation guide
  4. Wall mount and velcro

10What’s the power input like, does it run on batteries?

No, Flare devices do not run on batteries. Flare devices come with a 5V 3A adapter to power it.

Uninterrupted power supply and proper shutting down of the system is recommended for the safety of the system.

11Can I get a demo ?

It’s a Date! We have both free demo and paid trial options available depending upon your location. Contact us for your first Flare Experience.

12How do you calibrate FlareX/A?

It’s plug-and-play, remember?! Your flare device comes to you as a factory calibrated system with emissivity set for human skin.

13How Affordable is your system ?

Keeping the safety of the population and urgency of the product in mind, flare Series are priced at a fraction of the cost of other featureless automated scanners in the market. Interested? Ping us to know more!

14What do customers say about the flare Series?

Our customers love us! We have a wide customer base from small retail shops to Asia's largest paper manufacturers. Find your fit , write to us!

15Is flare certified ? Do you have a warranty ?

  1. Efficacy of the device tested, calibrated and certified through NABL traceability certificate
  2. Flare devices are factory fit and tough built that will last a long time, even past the pandemic. We have a 15 day return policy for manufacturing defects

16How do I mount my Flare ?

With the Flare Series everything is single step setup , No tools required and damage free hanging by strong velcro , Just strip and stick!

You can also screw our system to the wall through a mount ( included in the pack) .

17How’s the customer support with TestedOK?

Expert-ease ( contact us , write to us , help us grow, tell us more , having a problem in scanning ? )

18Where are the Flare systems manufactured?

Proudly made in India. (Coimbatore, TamilNadu)

19Did you Fabricate all these FAQs just to provide more information?

Take a Guess ;)

20Have more questions?

Ping Us! We are always looking for ways to help you.

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